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  1. #Ventspils #rain

    #Ventspils #rain
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  3. Balerūna statuja (at Operas skvērs)

    Balerūna statuja  (at Operas skvērs)
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  5. My take on design at this moment

    I’ve been experimenting and working on variety of directions containing design through out these couple of years. Whether it’s digital or not I keep finding what’s mine, where I belong. At this moment I am working with variety of sensors, product designs and graphic, also I am trying to code my own chips (well only in theory), now I am only working on simulations on PC, but soon I will advance. It requires all I know and then some, every day new information is brought forth and used. And as of today I am trying to bring it all together. Without a doubt, this is the most expensive project I’ve been dealing with, I know the costs are enormous and it will take several years to make it happen, but it will pay off eventually. I was never so excited and frightened of a project before. I need to see this trough, I will have to work with other experts on this project, because I have no knowledge of hydraulics and how to combine them to microchips and sensors. I will post updates on the project and hopefully gain some support on the way.

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  7. 1001 Latvijas mākslinieks: «Manuprāt, gleznas izkāpšana no plaknes mūsdienās ir pašsaprotama...»



    Kristīne Urbanaviča (http://www.facebook.com/kristine.urbanavica) šobrīd studē Latvijas Mākslas akadēmijas maģistrantūras programmā grafikas apakšnozarē, taču ir jau ieguvusi maģistra grādu glezniecības apakšnozarē. Studiju periodā Kristīne savas zināšanas papildinājusi, dodoties…

    Šovakar veltot laiku šī bloga lasīšanā nonācu līdz slēdzienam, ka Latvijā ir daudz mākslinieku, kuru turpmāko karjeru ir vērts novērot. Kā spilgtu paraugu piedāvāju Kristīni Urbanoviču. Šis blogs ir vērts tā laika, kas tajā iegūldīts un arī vērts katra lasītāja laika. Pieejot personīgi, bet mēreni atturīgi katram māksliniekam dod lielisku ieskatu uz Latvijas mākslas nākotnes personām. Ceru, ka Blogs nepaliks novārtā un tiks papildināts un ar laiku no bloga pārtopam par oficiālu Latvijas sponsorētu lapu.

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  9. Recent work

    Hi! I’ve been working on a project for Zephyr Medical, they needed a new Logo and a image for their social sites. They were satisfied and here are the results.

    Check out their twitter account @ZephyrMedical they are developing a cure by altering genetics. 

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  11. mcharrilennostarr:



    College for Creative Studies’ PSA Campaign



    (via freddihasablog)

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  13. Poll

    Vai Tev šķistu noderīgi norāžu stabi ar Rīgas rajoniem vairākās Rīgas vietās?    Lūdzu aizpildiet un arī repost. Jo tikai līz rītdienai 9:00 šī aptauja ir vaļā.

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  15. Mani šī gada darbi, Lampa un 3D projekcija.

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  17. Last Nights Work

    I am working in anaglyph for quite some time now. Last night I made some pictures, this is one of them.

    The idea behind it is a Hologram about Latvian cultural development for RIGA2014.

    Enjoy it.

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  19. One Year After

    It’s been a year, take it or leave it, since my last post. I’ve been working on several digital art works and several jewellery and metal design.

    I am in process of creating 2 lamps. Pricing 700,-Ls & 200,-Ls (~1700$ $ ~400$). Also a set of jewellery, bracelet, cufflinks and probably a ring or two. Materials would be silver, gem stones (haven’t decided which stone exactly) silicone. 

    Also this is my last year in this school, so I will work on a diploma work.

    I am seriously learning Processing now and in awe of the possibilities I can get out of it. Considering of buying a XBOX Kinect for some video tracking and also in consideration of working with holograms and with a distant live projections. 

    In the year 2014 Riga is the culture capital, so trying to find a place for me in it. Most likely by creating a jewellery work shop. And if successful, some holographic projection. The  idea came while my teacher told to think something on the 4D dirrection, but then I thought: “What if I showed something that is happening in some places in Riga in many distant places at the same time, but like a holographic projection, that would be awesome.” But of course it will cost a lot, so for now it can only work in a prototype model, and then, well, who knows. 

    PS: If You stumbled on to this post and know something or two about Processing and Holographic projections (connecting to a Processing) please give me some advice and/or some tutorial. And I will Post some pictures of my works as soon as I’ll have the chance or camera to do it.

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  21. So recently I was working on a project for “Nāc Līdzās” www.naclidzas.lv they took a sketch and eventually we worked trough till this outcome. Hate it or Love it, but it will be in stores starting December (or mid November).

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  23. Work

    I and my EX’s have been accepted to make a music CD cover for Christmas songs. It’s the “Nāc Līdzās!” organisation, www.naclidzas.lv you can go in and check it out the website. The CD cover must be ready till next Friday, so I must remember to work on it my all spare time. Today I also haven’t listened to Rob Zombie, cause in that music all I’ll do is make everything with sharp edges and some how do it a bit aggressive and that’s not what I am aiming for. So far did 7 alike works in Adobe Illustrator CS5.1. That’s it for now, tomorrow sketching SE XPERIA 8 for school, thinking of how to make an chair from one sheet of metal that hasn’t been done so far and back to the cover. Haven’t got the time to check may email only once per week and that means a good twenty minutes +/- goes away to it alone. But hey, this is the busiest time of this year.

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  25. Made in Latvia, with Latvian actors, but shown in Germany. Hornbach TV Spot - Jede Veränderung braucht einen Anfang (by Hornbach)

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  27. In Progress

    I’ve been working on a project this whole day and I must say it’s going pretty well. I think that changing my whole internet identity was a huge influence on my recent work. With the internet ID change I also changed style of my work and now it looks more professional. I can’t wait to finish it, although, it will take several months, but in the end it will look great. I miss browsing all the design websites, just read a book called Ecological Design, by teNeues and honestly I was expecting more material. Coverage on how and why, prices and more. Opening a book I expect to get as much learning material as possible.

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  29. 21 in 21th.

    I just got a year older. and I’m siting and making all the last touch to my works so I could put them out today on the display. So hopefully I’ve done great. Listening to Rob Zombie and damning this hot weather.